Budget-Friendly Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service

It’s easy to ignore a broken garbage disposal. While it may be inconvenient to live with a damaged appliance, many people simply go about their days letting the disposal remain untouched because they’d rather spend their money on something a little more exciting. At Beverly Hills Discount Plumbing, we understand the temptation to just live without your disposal, but did you know that ignoring this broken appliance could actually cost you more money? Defective garbage disposals not only cause oxidized pipes, nasty clogs, and water damage, but they can also be major health hazards.

When Is the Best Time to Call for Garbage Disposal Repair Services?

We tell our customers to call us as soon as they notice a problem. So many people avoid calling for professional plumbing service in Beverly Hills, CA, because the problem seems minor and something that can be lived with. For example, the disposal works, but it tends to back up every now and again. Or, the disposal periodically stops working. As minor as these problems may seem to be, they could actually be indicators that you have a blockage forming somewhere in the drain line, or in the case of an appliance that sporadically starts and stops, there could be a problem with an electrical connection.

To protect the functionality of your garbage disposal and to protect your family from any hidden dangers, call us right away.

Can You Troubleshoot Over the Phone?

Every day we help our customers figure out exactly what is happening with their plumbing appliances, including garbage disposals. There are a few things you can try at home before you need to have a plumbing technician sent to your house.

Our plumbing specialists can help you locate the reset button on your disposal’s motor to see if this is the cause of the problem. They can also advise you on how to check your circuit breaker to see if the switch has been tripped and give you suggestions for removing debris that may have become stuck in the disposal. 90% of the time one of these three situations is the cause of the problem and the homeowner can remedy it without having a contractor come to their home.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Service Affordable?

We know that money can be tight for our customers. Our prices for all plumbing services, including toilet repair, water heater installation, are competitive and affordable for nearly every household in Beverly Hills, CA. You can learn more about our pricing and work guarantee by calling our offices today.