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Do you have a clogged toilet in your home? Call Beverly Hills Discount Plumbing for prompt toilet repair and toilet installation today. We know the value in immediate repairs for your most annoying toilet repair problems. This is why we stay available for you 24/7. Our licensed plumbers are always just around the corner morning, noon, and night – weekends, too!

Qualified Clogged Toilet Repair

Our team of expert plumbers undergoes regular training to ensure that they are up-to-date on the newest drain cleaning methods for clogged toilets and obstructed sewer lines.  When one of our plumbers knocks on your door, you can expect superior plumbing service and trust that your plumber has the proper training and experience to detect blockages, repair broken sewer lines, and apply drain cleaning solutions that are guaranteed to work.

How to Avoid Minor Toilet Clogs

You may seem helpless and at the mercy of your toilet when it clogs, but there are steps you can take to avoid this problem in the first place. Minor clogs usually surface based on the habits of the user. For example, how often do you flush non-paper products down the toilet? What constitutes a non-paper product? Sanitary napkins, tampons, applicators, wrappers, and baby wipes are examples of items that you may think are safe to flush, but should never be placed in a toilet. These items may appear to be harmless and you may even get away with flushing them several times, but each time you flush these products the greater the chances are that they are sticking to the inside of your pipes. It’s inevitable that over time a clog will develop.

You can also prevent clogs by making it harder for small children in the household to gain access to the toilet. Toys, blankets, stuffed animals, and other kid-friendly objects make their way into toilets every day and can cause major blockages. Consider purchasing toilet locks to prevent these accidents from happening.

Lastly, be careful about using too much toilet paper. Too much toilet tissue can easily create shallow clogs. The more toilet tissue you use, the harder it is for the paper to dissolve and break down like it is designed to do.

Call Us for Leaky Toilet Repair

Have you noticed your toilet running for long periods of time after you flush or not turning off at all? This is a sign of a leaky toilet. The leak is inside the tank and is typically caused by hardware that is broken or installed incorrectly. If you own your toilet for a decent period of time, hardware replacement is something you may need to consider. Replacing items like the flapper valve or the flush valve is inexpensive and will go a long way in keeping leaky toilets at bay. The few dollars you’ll spend on making these repairs is nothing compared to how much a leaky toilet costs you on your monthly water bill.

Toilet Replacement

When it comes time to consider toilet replacement in Beverly Hills, CA, give us a call. Our plumbing pros can recommend water-efficient toilets and we’ll also assist you with reliable, 100% warranted toilet installation.